A “limited” playlist is available on my YouTube channel, meaning, I could not find all of the songs on YouTube so it is incomplete.


For this playlist I chose to create an entire playlist with just melodies, no words. There are no words to describe the depths and expanse of the Syrian refugee crisis, and I am not going to pretend that I am brilliant enough to put words to this crisis. These are soft melodies that allow us as readers to shift along with the emotions of the book and focus. I will honestly say that I wish I knew more arabic songs so that I could authentically add to this playlist. 
  1. “Distant Green Valley” Zhao Ji-Ping, Zhao Lin, Yo-Yo Ma, The Silk Road Ensemble, Alan Pierson

    1. This is a beautiful introduction song that makes me feel as though I am walking through the jasmine scented streets of Damascus that Kurdi begins her book it. The green valley and fresh scents flow through this song.

  2. “Two” Binary One

    1. This song is a dedication to the two boys, Alan and Galib. While the media highlighted the story of Alan’s death, due to the photo of course, there were two boys. Brothers. This song has two deep tones to it, symbolic of the two boys whose lives were lost.

  3. “Two Soon” String Balloons

    1. Filled with an atmospheric rythm, this song emcompasses the idea that the two boys left this earth too soon.

  4. “Dance For My Father” Toufic Farroukh

    1. While there are no words in this song, the title is meaningful in regards to Alan and his father, Abdullah. Alan was a happy young boy and constantly smiling, laughing, and dancing for his father. This happiness is what kept Abdullah going, even in the most difficult of days. This is a song I could envision Alan dancing to with his father.

  5. “Sad Voice of Syria” Ethno Music Orchestra

    1. With the title of this song, it is self explanatory. The deep, humble notes in this song call us to reflect upon the situation in Syria and hold a sad tone for the people affected by the civil war.

  6. “ I Want To Sing” Elias Rahbani

    1. This is a song that I chose to represent Tima’s joy that she has family members coming to Canada. There are no words, as I am sure Tima had few words, to describe the joy and love pouring from her thought as her family travelled to Canada.

  7. Vast Changes” Regendum

    1. I chose to end with this song because from the beginning of Tima’s story to the end, we witness Vast Changes. This song is an acceptable ending note, as it leaves us with a earnest feel and reflective atmosphere.