With this playlist, I was really feeling the R&B vibes of New York City and Susannah’s journalist lifestyle. I paid close attention to the rhythm of the playlist as a whole and tried to find something that listeners could flow to as the read the book. Some of the songs are fun and light-hearted as I think Susannah tried to be, especially prior to her month of madness. 


Please comment below with additions you would make to the playlist! ♡


  1. “White Rose” Tkay Maidza
    1. I really wanted an opening song with a smooth beat- this is it. The title represent Susannah, a white rose that was unscarred by illness. The song refers to opening up and growing up and growing apart, all things that Susannah was going through in her personal life prior to her month of madness.
  2. “New Love” Amos Lee
    1. I wanted to include a song that signifies Stephen entering her life. A new love, a seemingly new chance for happiness. Little did she know her life was about to shift priorities. This song reminds us of that happy time in her life, with new love.
  3. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” Prince
    1. I think that Susannah would like Prince. I felt the need to include him on this playlist, he suffered from poor mental health, and I feel that if he was still alive he would be an advocate for health care and mental health. This song is a fun track, before the playlist gets a bit more somber. This song takes us on a simplistic love journey where two people are getting to know one another, and they realize that they are very special to each other. Just like Susannah and Stephen.
  4. “Bed Rest” City Sleep
    1. This song has anger and angst in it, just as I am sure Sussanah did when she was first on bed rest. She was anxious, paranoid and wanting to leave. These are all emotions within this song.
  5. “Darkroom” Ten Sleep
    1. This song brings in the somber note. This song emcompasses emotions and feelings that Susannah would have felt while alone in her hospital room. Sitting, waiting, hoping for the results her mind needs.
  6. “Breathe Again” Tony Braxton
    1. I really enjoy the melody with the quiet symbol, it is more mellow and calls for reflection. This was intended as a love song, of course, but it can also represent how Sussnah’s life is changing. She is physically wanting to breath again- but to also be able to hold her own space, be independent and be happy. The chorus has a line “If I never hold you in my arms again”- this could represent Susannah’s life prior to her medical journey.
  7. “Rose Colored Frames” Mariel Buckley
    1. While most of the playlist is r&b type slow jams, I just had to include this indie tune. Susannah seems to be wearing rose colored frames for a while in her life, she wants to see things as they were, she can not accept that her life has drastically changed. “No matter how brightly the sun could be shining, things will never be the same”- this is Susannah. Her previous life is behind her month of madness, and on the other side things are bright, she is alive, but they will never be the same.
  8. “My Mind os For Sale” Jack Johnson
    1. I love Jack Johnson, so since we are on an indie slower note, why not include him here. Susannah wants to have her mind, but it is largely vacant. She is easy to influence, and looking for all the answers.
  9. “Drowsy” Banes World
    1. This song makes the listener feel sleepy, lethargic. Just as I am sure Susannah was feeling at this point of her story, while technologically on the road to recovery, but realistically feeling far from it. Living with her mom, being “babysat”, just wanting to sleep and wake up to a better day.
  10. “Days of Daze” Fever Feel
    1. This song has a dazy techno feel to it, creating a dizzy space for its listeners. I think this is a song the “New Susannah” would listen to. “Clouds surround your head…” this is the state Susannah was in after leaving the hospital for the first time. Capable, craving independence, but dazed.
  11. “New Day” Cory Ede
    1. A rap song! I wanted to pick up this playlist for the end, and this song fit perfect. It’s a new day for Susannah, a new her, and she just has to live her life now to find out what it holds for her. She holds the potential.
  12. “I Don’t Know You” The Marias
    1. This song is a reflection on what Susannah must have felt while writing this book, diving head first into her month of madness that she vaguely recalls at best. She claims multiple times that she doesn’t know the Susannah she watches in the videos or hears about from doctors and loved ones. This song also has a R&B slow beat to it, finishing up the playlist on the same note we started on.